This interactive graphic shows the times in a game that NBA players normally play and when they normally sit on the bench.

Stephen Curry

Above are two example bars from Steph Curry's player page. The second bar is from a recent game that Steph Curry played. There is one rectangle for each minute of the game. The color of each rectangle shows what percentage of that minute Steph played in that game.

The first bar shows the average of Steph's games from the current season. Its color varies based on how often he's been in the game during that minute over the whole season. It shows that Steph pretty consistently plays an entire quarter before resting at the beginning of the second. He follows a similar pattern in the second half. This season, his bar becomes lighter near the end of the game presumably because he is pulled when the Warriors have large leads. Clicking on this bar will show more details about the 2016-2017 Warriors.

The visualization reveals patterns as you click around and explore. For example, you can observe the pattern of Dirk Nowitzki resting earlier and earlier in the first quarter as his career goes on. Or you can see how the 2017 Clippers pulled their starting lineup at close to the same time so that their second unit generally played together. And contrast that with the 2017 Warriors who gradually rotated bench players into the game.

You can view individual players, teams from different seasons, and individual games. Games are included from as far back as the 2000-2001 season.

Go forth, and explore the data.